Nugget, Knödel und Brezel

Hallo liebes Tierschutzverein-Team,

We would like to let you know that all 3 cats are now in our home. Brezel nugget and Knödel are working hard on getting friends again. Brezel and Knödel are quite good friends already. Nugget however is a bit overwhelmed by the new comer. She is very quiet and sits and hisses every now and then. We give her lots of extra cuddles and attention. Hopefully this helps. Our older cat (whoopsi) is extra cranky but except from a couple of hisses and angry looks, all seems to be ok.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Georg -i think that is his name- for taking such excellent care of all three cats.

All three are very well behaved and super friendly. They obviously need to get used to us but are ok with us picking them up and petting them. Brezel and nugget are already used to us and they feel right at home. I strongly believe this all has to do with the way they are raised.